HATAKEN x Electric Cafe present “Space Oasis”– 2024.3.30(Sat)

Space Oasis 魅力的で夢のような体験へと誘う、極上のエレクトロニック・ライブミュージック。
即興的でいて美しく、実験的でいてグルーヴィーな多様性に富んだ音楽オアシスで、美味しいお酒と楽しい音の体験を楽しみにおいでになりませんか? HATAKEN
Live : HATAKEN(2 long sets) guest live : Yumi Iwaki(1 set)

Come and enjoy a delightful and dream-like experience with top-notch electronic live music that invites you into a world of charm. This music oasis is rich in diverse sounds, combining improvisation with beauty, and experimenting with a groovy flair. Please join us for a delightful experience with delicious drinks and enjoyable musical vibes.

出演 / Stage appearanceHATAKEN Yumi Iwaki
日時 / Date2024年3月30日 (土) / Saturday, March 30, 2024
料金 / Fee前売り:¥5000(+2orders)/ ADVANCE : ¥5000 (2orders)
当日券:¥5500(+2orders)/ DOORS : ¥5500 (2orders)
開演 / Curtain time開演 : 19:00 / Curtain time : 19:00
チケット販売 / Ticket saleshttps://square.link/u/NDqaVSiL

*Please pay ¥2,000 for drinks at the venue on the day (2 drink tickets will be given to you).Tickets can be used for 2 drinks or 1 drink and 1 food.

*The above reservation site only accepts credit cards. If you would like to use other payment methods, please contact us using the form below.

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*If you come without a reservation, please pay ¥5,500 on the day and ¥2,000 for drinks.
ライブ会場 / Concert venueElectric Cafe
3-4-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
BASE Minami Aoyama 3F

*Please refer to the link below for access/directions to the live venue reception.
Hataken has been an electronic music producer, performer since the mid 90’s. His musical style employs ambient chilled out grooves using synthesizers to span multiple genres that create a unique style and psychedelic feeling. Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora festival 2013&2014, Sonica festival 2013&1014, Sound Wave(2009&2010), SXSW(2008) and more. Hataken released his solo album “A Prana Planet” on Matsuri Digital Chill in Nov. 2017 for 5 years from last album “Ascension”(TKG music)
Shifting from vintage analogue synth performances to modular synthesizers, Hataken has become an icon in the Japanese modular scene. In 2013 he organized the Tokyo Festival of Modular; a yearly event that showcases international modular synthesizer technology and artist performances. His goal is to foster the next generation of modular synthesizer music.
Hataken has taken part in many collaborative projects. Wåveshåper is a project with Greg Hunter which produced an album and series of live performances in Europe. He is an organizer of the alternative culture underground platform ZEN ZEN. Hataken performed and recorded with renowned guitarist SUGIZO twice, and has been featured on SUGIZO’s album “ONENESS M” (3 tracks) and remix album “SWITCHED ON OTO” in 2018.HATAKEN modular synthesizer live & workshop tour US in 2018  from SFC, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix. His interview can see on the legendary book , “PATCH & TWEAK” (p108-p112).
SUGIZO x HATAKEN, first album “the voyage to higher self” released from Universal on 16th Feb. 2022 !!


Yumi Iwaki


2017年冬頃からDAWを使わない小さなシンセサイザー、特にTeenage Engineering OP-1での音楽制作をきっかけに2018年から、当時移り住んでいたロサンゼルスのクリエイティブでユニークなモジュラーシンセコミュニテイに大いに触発されモジュラーシンセに心酔。


2021年8月、Muzan Editionsよりアルバム『Juniper』をリリース。2023年3月、Kankyō Recordsレーベル第一弾『Sound Incense & Incense Sound』で「Night(夜)」の音楽として『Nocturnal』をリリース。2024年2月、Muzan Editionsよりアルバム『Spin A Tale』をリリース。